Artist Statement

The work specifically samples different time signatures to create a nonlinear narrative. My work shows how problems seen through time are still unfinished or unresolved, which mimics my personal style of painting. I am investigating the unexpected imagery in the expected place, packaging conversations in ways which aim to make the audience looking at life for someone who is aware of domestic and homefront events.


I am such a product of my environment: I am my environment, I am the block, I am the house I grew up in. The same way my neighborhood is treated is reflected in the way people perceive me, and if these building are humanized to show people, real people and families, live in these buildings. The idea that everything holds memory is fascinating and when expressed in a sensible manner, the work will live and survive enough to hold influence. Fabric has been a recurrence in my work, because clothing is an identifier which crosses cultures and generations.

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