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Strumming the Pain is a comedy album by Chris Marin.

Recorded on two separate occasions, the two standup sets are spliced to create the set Strumming the Pain. The album starts off with an introduction of Marin's background, having grown up in Lubbock, Texas, and having the problem of identity on the forefront on his mind in terms of race, class and relationships. "Cutting Grass" is a bit about an early childhood encounter of discriminating remark made a neighbor, whereas "Actually Joking" is dealing with being a Mexican-American and dating a white woman. "Debts I Owe" tells a relationship ending, yet with money and judgement calls being the deal breaker. The middle of the album pokes at politics while keeping in mind that Marin is a guy who has made many relational mistakes himself. Jumping into "Confederate Statue", Marin uses David Blaine's story of coming to success as a way to solve the controversial standing of a Robert E. Lee statue. "5th - 6th Grade" and "Exquire's Passion" reel the storytelling back in by letting the audience know how influential rap was in his childhood and still holds today.

Track List

1 Side A & B Intros

2 LBK & Boy Shorts

3 Cutting Grass

4 Actually Joking

5 Debts I Owe

6 Bad Gxrl

7 Water Joke

8 Pick Up Basketball

9 Trump: Bad Boyfriend

10 Cocaine vs. Weed

11 R. Kelly Theory

12 Confederate Statue

13 5th - 6th Grade

14 Exquire's Passion

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