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Payment Instructions

Browse through the "shop" page and click on each product you would like to purchase. After searching through each product and choosing the desired specifications - size, color and quantity - be sure to click "add to cart".

When you are done shopping and are on the "my cart" page, be sure to view the total of your cart, which will include shipping. Some items include FREE shipping.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the three provided ways of payment. Click on either the "Cash App" ($thechrismarin), "PayPal" ( or "Venmo" (@thechrismarin) button to be sent to the proper application.

In the description of your payment, please include the following information about your purchased item(s)-

Name (if different from your account name):

Email Address:

Shipping Address:

SKU or Product Name(s):

Specifications (size | color | quantity):

Add a note (instructions | special requests):

*As a measure of caution you may send fill out all information concerning each product, and if you take note of the SKU you may include this as well.

If you are uncomfortable with sending this information through the payment process, be sure to take a screen shot of your payment and send an email to with the desired shipping address and full description of your purchase.

For further questions, please email, thank you.

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