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Current Ongoing Body of Work: ¡Mia!

¡Mia! is the title of the new body of work I will be working on, paralleling the idea of a studio album. ¡Mia! is the following project of Pow! acting as a double album or sister album. For a quick note, Pow! is an acronym for Prisoner of War and Paintings on Walls. ¡Mia! is an acronym for Missing in Action and doubles for a woman named Mia. The exclamation marks indicate the use of language, so the reader or audience is aware the project is not mono-linguistic or not exclusive to English. 

No One Knows Me (Like the Leaves)

Charcoal on paper



Each artwork features different text and languages: English, Hebrew, and Spanish. No One Knows Me (Like the Leaves) is intended as the first artwork/track to ¡Mia! the new body of work/album.

Featured text -

רְפוּאָה שְׁלֵמָה

r'fuah sh'leimah

Translates to wishing someone who is ill whole and complete recovery.

Mi Shebeirach - Prayer for Healing

Mi shebeirach avoteinu

M'kor hab'rachah l'imoteinu

May the source of strength, who blessed the ones before us,

Help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing,

and let us say, Amen.

Mi shebeirach imoteinu

M'kor habrachah laavoteinu

Bless those in need of healing with r'fuah sh'leimah,

The renewal of body, the renewal of spirit,

And let us say, Amen.

I'm ashamed to say I think I hate you now


Yo soy muy mía, yo me transformo

Una mariposa, yo me transformo

- Rosalía - SAOKO - MOTOMAMI

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