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03.12.2021 |     Jalisco’s Combo Meal was completed.


03.28.2021 |     I heard sounds coming from my mother’s bedroom and got into an altercation with my ex-stepfather. When we got physical, my mom and sister called the police. He called off his drug dealer and the officer asked him to leave.


03.31.2021 |     My brother heard sounds coming from my mother’s bedroom. My brother and I stopped our ex-stepfather from forcing our mom to have sex with him. The police were called, and my ex-stepfather left the house, again.


04.01.2021 |     My mom and siblings rented a storage unit and moving vehicle; we were moving out. When no one was at the house, the ex-stepfather broke in through the back entrance, which was the room I used as a studio space. He vandalized two artworks – Jalisco’s Combo Meal and Canela –by tearing  them to pieces and drawing on the paper with a permanent marker.


01.11.2022 |     Canela was completed.

Canela is the Spanish word for cinnamon. Here, cinnamon is used in reference to the orange tabby cat.

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