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Jalisco's Combo Meal

03.12.2021 |     Jalisco’s Combo Meal was completed.


03.28.2021 |     I heard sounds coming from my mother’s bedroom and got into an altercation with my ex-stepfather. When we got physical, my mom and sister called the police. He called off his drug dealer and the officer asked him to leave.


03.31.2021 |     My brother heard sounds coming from my mother’s bedroom. My brother and I stopped our ex-stepfather from forcing our mom to have sex with him. The police were called, and my ex-stepfather left the house, again.


04.01.2021 |     My mom and siblings rented a storage unit and moving vehicle; we were moving out. When no one was at the house, the ex-stepfather broke in through the back entrance, which was the room I used as a studio space. He vandalized two artworks – Jalisco’s Combo Meal and Canela –by tearing  them to pieces and drawing on the paper with a permanent marker.


01.11.2022 |     Canela was completed.

Jalisco's Taqueria is a local restaurant in Lubbock, TX in the first neighborhood I grew up in. On the weekend, it was my family's go to spot. The combo meal was what my brother and I would order, to get the most amount of food and have a to-go box for home. Moving away from that neighborhood, I would later return to go out to eat with friends from college, as it was the authentic hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that not all locals or college students knew. This place became a place of reconciliation and a slow introduction to take pride in my culture, while being able to purchase a large plate of food without spending a lot of money. I met Nate, the friend painted in this work, in my last year at Texas Tech University, however, we are both from Lubbock and not that far off in age. We have had a fare amount of meals at Jalisco's Taqueria.

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